Fourth annual Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights show underway in Elkhart

NOW: Fourth annual Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights show underway in Elkhart


ELKHART, Ind. ---  Bigger and brighter in 2020, the Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights show in Elkhart kicked off for its' fourth year, after being approved by the Elkhart County Health Department.

In a year of uncertainty, Elkhart County has missed out on a lot in 2020. With that thought in mind, the host of the event, Wellfield Botanical Gardens, hopes to bring a smile to the impacted community. 

“To be able to bring Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights to the community just means the world to us, in a year where there have been a lot of challenges, this reminds us that we all have a lot to be thankful for,” said the Executive Director of Wellfield Botanic Gardens Eric Garton. 

Wellfield has worked closely with the health department, in order to bring this event to the community and ensure safety, even if it means sacrificing a lot in the process.

“Normally we could have up to 3000, 3500 people a night, we’re limiting that down to 1500 and we’re doing it on a timed ticket basis, so ppl can come in at 530-630 & 730, that way we have a better control over the crowds," said Garton.

They feel the responsibility, so the gardens are taking Covid-19 precautions very seriously. They are requiring face masks at all times, tickets are purchased in advance, and the most prioritized pre-caution is social distancing. 

“Really urging ppl to stay socially distanced from each other, and as we can see the fact that we’re standing here right now, and nobody is coming by that’s a testament to how this system is working because we sold tonight out, and it’s really just working," said Garton.

Wellfield and Welch Packaging, a sponsor of the light show, are ecstatic to make this event possible. They felt people in this community have been through so much already, and are just glad to stay apart, of families' holiday traditions.

“There's nothing like this around, when you see some of the images you’ll see around this garden, including this new amazing feature that we’re standing in right now, there’s nothing like it around," said Garton. 

The Gardens are always trying to outdo themselves, by adding an additional 200,000 lights, to the show every year. This year the event is seeing 800,000 lights, with the hope to hit their main goal next year.

1,000,000 lights!

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