Freezing fog/drizzle possible

NOW: Freezing fog/drizzle possible

There is a chance for areas of freezing fog/drizzle this morning so take it slow on the roads this morning. Cloud cover hangs on throughout the day with highs in the mid-30s. There is a chance for freezing drizzle overnight which could linger in to Wednesday morning. The active weather pattern continues for Thursday with a few light snow showers possible. We get one quiet day Friday before a potential snow system on Saturday. The track of the system is still uncertain so the question of exactly how much snow will remain unanswered until midweek. Right now the impact will at least slow travel plans over the weekend.

Today: Cloudy, patchy freezing fog / drizzle. High of 34.

Tonight: Freezing drizzle possible, mostly cloudy. Low of 28.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, patchy freezing fog / drizzle / snow. High of 34.

Thursday: Light snow showers, mostly cloudy. High of 32.

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