Freezing rain possible Saturday morning


The next weather concern for Michiana arrives early Saturday morning. Forecast Track brings a wintry mix just after 3:00 AM ( Fig 1) With snow on the ground there's a cold layer of freezing air just above the surface and the ground is cold, including the roads. If rain were to fall before the air gets a few degrees above freezing it would likely freeze, this could cause for a slick morning drive. 

Looking at a model sounding ( a side view of the atmosphere) for Saturday morning shows a classic freezing rain profile (Fig 2) at 5 AM. This has a large above freezing temperature area for rain, and a very shallow above freezing level at the surface. Looking at the same model over the entire time-frame shows the early morning hours (in red) of Saturday where freezing rain or a wintry mix is possible (Fig 3). 

Temperatures continue to rise Saturday meaning icy conditions would only be a concern between 3 AM and 9 AM. Heavy icing, the kind that could down power lines is not expected. 

Stay with the ABC-57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather Team as we track this next threat. 

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