Freezing rain putting drivers at risk

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Indiana Department of Transportation urged drivers to drive cautiously or stay off of the roads entirely.

Several salt trucks were out Sunday evening, but freezing temperatures and rain still proved to be a bad combination for those driving on the road.

“I’m scared. I don’t like driving in this stuff.  That’s why he drives,” said Ariel Weirich.

Many drivers said the roads weren't the problem.

“The roads seem okay it’s just the rain coming down that’s freezing instantly on our windshield, and we can’t see anything,” Weirich said.

Driver Caleb Chovan said, “Yeah mine is doing the same thing. Just the windshield icing over before I could clear it off.”

Some drivers pulled over to wipe their windshields off.

But there were more serious problems Sunday as well. Throughout the day there were numerous reports of slide offs.

Truck drivers and those driving home for the holidays said they hoped the roads don't get worse.

“We can’t stop nearly as fast as a car even in good conditions. So if it gets bad the best thing for us to do is find a place to stop,” said truck driver Shawn Wade.

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