Friday night football starts in Michigan tonight

Athletes throughout Michigan are gearing up for their first Friday night football game of the season. As they prepare for the game, they are also preparing for the heat and humidity. The heat index at the start of the game looks to be in the mid 90s and then halftime the lower 90s. Schools across Michiana will be taking extra precautions to make sure players are safe from the scorching summer heat. I caught up with Joe Stevens, Athletic Director for Berrien Springs, who says they are excited for the first Friday night football game, and as far as the heat goes they are more than prepared to make sure players and staff are safe as possible with extra water breaks. 

We will be watching the heat index closely, as Michigan has a heat index restriction of 104 degrees. If the heat index hits 104 then practice and games have to be canceled. Luckily, we should stay just shy of this heat index mark this evening. 

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