From behind bars to business owner

NOW: From behind bars to business owner

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--At a young age, South Bend resident William Humbles got into the wrong crowd.

“I was just...enamored to street life at an early age and I did a lot of things as a youth and to my young adulthood that got me in a position where I ended up having to do a 50-year sentence,” 1-2 Barbershop Owner William Humbles said.

A 50-year sentence, getting cut almost in half to 26 years. The last 4 years of which, were used towards a higher-education where humbles obtained an associates and bachelor's degree, as well as his barbers license. Becoming a barber, Humbles learned, was his true passion.

“I’ve been cutting hair since 1986. So, this is way before I got locked up. I didn’t understand this was my life’s path, I didn’t understand this was my career. I just did it as a neighborhood thing. When I got locked up, I continued it and I realized eventually that this is something I love doing,” Humbles said.

Just three weeks ago, Humbles was released from prison back into the community.

“It was exhilarating. I couldn’t sleep for like 2 days when I got home. I just, I wanted to see everything! Like Going inside a store to go get some milk it might take me 45 minutes. Because I want to see...I never been inside of a Walmart,” Humbles said.

In just those few weeks, Humbles worked to make connections on Facebook, posting pictures of his haircuts and interacting with the community to get his passion for barbering out in the open. And it all was worth it.

“Though that process, somebody that had space and knew my story and knew what kind of person I am, gave me the opportunity to take this spot over and start my shop!

Humbles now is the proud owner of 1-2 Barbershop which officially opened on Monday, offering his services both in his shop and even in the comfort of your own home.

His journey, Humbles hopes, can be a light and lesson to the community's youth.

“Do something that’s going to get yourself out of the eyes of the law and out of the potential of a graveyard or prison cell,” Humbles said. Don’t bring stuff home where people are grieving or your grieving...or you lose the opportunity to be around your family for a long time.”

1-2 Barbershop is located at the Marycrest-Singer-Hammes Office Building on West Western Avenue in South Bend and is open from 11AM-7PM Monday through Saturday.

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