From hoop dreams in high school to Dancing with the Stars

NOW: From hoop dreams in high school to Dancing with the Stars

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Arike Ogunbowale’s athletic prowess has earned her attention and accolades since before high school.

Her high school, Divine Savior Holy Angels, still honor her athletic achievements.  The hallways bear her name and image, and the gym’s banners boast of her many records.

“I’ll never forget the first day I met her. She had such an athletic stance. She just walked in with air of confidence,” says DSHA Campus Ministry Administrator, Barb Seidl.

While her athletic ability is well known, it’s who Arike is as a person, that is most precious to those who know her.

Seidl is still close with Arike, three years after she graduated.   She ventures hundreds of miles to attend Notre Dame basketball games and watch her play

“It’s always a joy. I usually sit with her family and we laugh because she’ll never turn around and look at us. After the game she’ll come over,” says Seidl.

And as well as she knows Arike, she was still a little surprised that she was going to trade in the hardwood for a dance floor.

“It’s not in her realm to do this. It surprised me very much because she’s such an athlete, but it’s a challenge for her. I guarantee she’ll do well,” she says.  “It’s so cool. It’s just another outlet. It’s another way for a young woman, who’s been successful, to cross over and prove she can do anything.”

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