Frost and freeze dates for Michiana

With the flip of the new calendar month, we are inching closer and closer to the possibility of temperatures dropping into the 30s, especially during October nights. This brings up the potential for the first freeze or frost of the season.  

Frost can occur when the temperatures fall below 36°F, however, it is more widespread once temperatures fall to 32°F or below.  Another important stat is the latest freeze date. A frost or freeze are almost definite by these dates.

So, when does this typically occur around Michiana?  Here are some stats compiled with the help of the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana

Normal First Frost:
Benton Harbor, MI    Oct. 8th
Goshen, IN               Oct. 12th
South Bend, IN         Oct. 17th

Earliest Frost:
Benton Harbor, MI    Sept. 13th (1985)
Goshen, IN                Oct. 1st  (2009)
South Bend, In          Sept. 21st  (1897)

Latest Frost:
Benton Harbor, MI     Nov. 26th (1890)
Goshen, IN                Oct. 26th (2005)
South Bend, IN          Nov. 11th  (1985)

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