FTC: Michigan has largest number of identity theft cases in US

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report in March ranking Michigan as the state with the most cases of identity theft per 100,000 people. Indiana ranked 31.

The Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book shows that in 2017, government documents or benefits fraud was the top type of identity theft plaguing Michigan consumers.

Other types of identity theft in Michigan include employment or tax-related fraud and credit card fraud.

Michigan’s fraud losses totaled $15.3 million last year and there were 74,689 total cases of fraud reports.

In Indiana, credit card fraud and employment or tax related fraud are the most common types of identity theft. Indiana fraud losses totaled $9.3 million last year.

South Bend’s number of fraud reports is among the highest in the state, with approximately 560 reports per 100,000 people, landing the city in the same group with Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

In the United States, there were 2.7 million fraud reports made by consumers last year, with losses totaling $905 million. Forty percent of U.S. fraud victims fall in the 20-29 age range.

Click here to read the Federal Trade Commission’s full report.

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