Full 'harvest' moon to occur on Friday the 13th

We're entering the middle of September, Halloween decorations are in stores, haunted houses are opening for the season, and apple picking has begun. Everything just screams "fall."

To get you even more in the mood for this time of year, how does a full moon occurring on Friday the 13th sound?

Well, that's exactly what the United States is going to be "treated" to this Friday. The full moon will occur in the evening on Friday the 13th for those in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones.

For those in the Eastern time zone, the moon will reach its "full" phase at 12:33 a.m. on Saturday, the 14th. Still, it'll certainly look full for the entire country during the evening hours of Friday the 13th.

That's certainly going to provide a spooky feel come Friday as Halloween sits just over a month and a half away.

Maybe it'll be a good evening to sit back, relax with some fall candles and fire up some Halloween movies.

If you're wondering about the rarity of Friday the 13th full moons, the last one to occur nationwide was in October of 2000. And the next one won't occur until August of 2049! 

This Friday's full moon is also referred to as the harvest moon, which is the full moon occurring closest to the autumnal equinox.

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