Full Worm Moon

March is one of my favorite full moons!  It is known as the Full Worm Moon or the Full Crow Moon.

This month marks the start of spring, and that means the ground is beginning to thaw.  As it does, worms begin to emerge signaling the return of robins.  It is also nicknamed the Crow Moon since when the Native Americans heard the crow calling, it signaled the end of winter.

Another fun nickname is the Full Crust Moon since the snow cover becomes crusty from freezing and thawing.  

Other nicknames include:  Maple Sugar Moon, Sap Moon, Strong Wind Moon, Chaste Moon, Moon of Wakening, Light Snow Moon, Flower Time Moon, Cactus Blossom Moon, Earth Cracks Moon, Rust Moon, Moon when eyes are sore from bright snow, Spring Moon, Whispering Wind Moon, Death Moon, Sleepy Moon, Fish Moon, and Big Famine Moon.

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