Fulton County mother selling signs to keep kids safe near roadways after Tuesday's deadly crash

NOW: Fulton County mother selling signs to keep kids safe near roadways after Tuesday’s deadly crash


FULTON COUNTY, Ind. –Some residents living in Fulton County are working to make a difference in light of Tuesday’s tragic accident that took the lives of three children near a bus stop.

Ashley Vervaet lives about 20 minutes away from where the crash happened.

“It has literally made me sick,” she said.  

Vervaet is a mother of two, and says she’s feared for her own kid’s safety each time they get on the bus or play in the yard because of speeding cars.

“They fly by here,” she said, “and just knowing that my children get on and off the bus is very concerning to me.”

She says hearing of the loss of three young lives was the final straw. Now she’s working to make a difference.

Vervaet and a friend have created signs to put near roadways. The signs read: “Slow, Kid Zone.”

She’s hoping the signs bring more awareness to drivers.

“I know I can’t bring their children back but I just wanted to try and make people more aware.”

She’s also hoping to bring in funds for the family. Vervaet will sell the signs for $15. She says $10 from every sign will go back to help the victim’s family.

“We’re doing what we can to show this family that we truly care everywhere, and that we are here for them,” said Vervaet. It’s just love. We just need to love one another”

The community will also hold a vigil in honor of the three children who were killed. That vigil is planned for 7 p.m. Thursday at the Mentone Youth League.

Click here for more information about the yard signs, including information on how to purchase them.

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