Fun at the grandstand, show arena still to come this week at Cass Co. Fair

CASSOPOLIS, Mich. — It’s the return of county fairs in Michiana.

This week, Cass County is welcoming visitors and exhibitors back to its fairgrounds.

“This is really that one big community event and sometimes it’s the only one where you see the people you don’t see any other time of the year, and we missed that last year,” said Brian Kuemin, President of the Cass County Fair.

It’s fun for the community, but also a great revenue stream that was lost last year.

“It’s not just people coming to the fair, they still have to stop and get gasoline, stop at the grocery store, and we’re really trying to put the fairgrounds in that light as well, even when fair’s not on we’re trying to bring in more events,” said Kuemin. 

For the dozens of food and drink vendors, it’s great to be putting their trailers to use again.

Including Wagner’s Good Dips, based in Berrien Springs.

“It’s great, people are supporting us, they’re coming out and spending money,” said Denise Wagner, owner of Wagner’s Good Dips. “It’s fun, we’re exhausted but it’s a good time.”

And of course, there’s the kids - 564 4H members ready for the moment they’ve been building up all year.

“Of course 4H is a 365 day program, but this is their big showcase, they’ve worked months to raise their animals or worked on their still exhibit projects, and then they come here to show everything they’ve learned,” said Hailey Harman, 4H Program Coordinator. 

On Friday, healthcare workers get in to the fair for free. That evening, there will be SJO motocross in the grandstand.

Saturday is the small animal auction, which includes goats, rabbits and poultry. 

The fair ends Saturday. For a list of events, click here

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