Future plans for the Four Winds Field experience

NOW: Future plans for the Four Winds Field experience

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -  The South Bend Cubs played their last regular-season game Monday but are already looking at some improvements for next season.

This season was a big one, with huge artists at Four Winds Field and a playoff for the team.

With huge musical acts like Pitbull and Snoop Dog on back to back weekends, Joe Hart, the President of the South Bend Cubs said thousands of people have gone through the Four Winds field this baseball season.

“We’re going to get close to 320,000 people just from the baseball side, then you add in the concerts. We’re drawing in close to 360-70,000 people a year when you count all the extra events that we’re doing,” Hart said.

He said those concerts are all a part of the experience they are trying to create and will continue going on to next season.

There are a ton of new things that the South Bend Cubs brought this season to give fans a better experience, like the apart the Ivy at Berlin Place Apartments which opened earlier this year.

The development gives fans the opportunity to watch games from their balcony.

Hart said how important it is to create an experience for fans and said Wrigley Field has done a great job with that.

“I think we would like to try something very similar, obviously we got that with the apartments now, we have a rooftop deck,” Hart said. “We have some open space in the apartments, you know, for a restaurant or a convenience store. So those are our next things to focus on, is how do we get more activity down there.”

Hart said they are definitely looking to add more businesses like a bar restaurant or even a sandwich shop to the bottom floor of the apartment complex in the future.

For now, the South Bend Cubs are in the playoffs and the first round is this Wednesday at Four Winds Field at 7 p.m.

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