Game of growth in South Bend, businesses on every corner

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Michiana 2027 is ABC57 News' continuing coverage of the game of ever-changing pieces in South Bend.

It's like a monopoly game, with buying and selling different properties.

From old, to new. Around the corner and down the street. 

South Bend's landscape is changing, one building at a time.

Old Citywide Liquors moved from Jefferson Blvd to LaSalle Ave, at the old J.C. Lauber Building.

A plan is in place for that to become a new restaurant, in addition to the liquor store.

In the mood for sushi? Woochi moved around the block to a new renovated location. 

The sleek exterior is a hint of the change, both inside and out.

Between other buildings, like BMV, The Ivy at Berlin Place, the Emporium building and more, South Bend seems to be slowly sculpting a new skyline.

It's a skyline with new endeavors at every corner.

A possible new gym is going up on Hill Street.

Neighboring businesses say it's going to be a specialty gym, and already workout equipment lines the walls, ready to go.

It's a Rust Belt city that's polishing and shining up, to become a new South Bend. 

ABC57 News did reach out to the City of South Bend, several of the business owners, and DTSB for more information regarding these changes.

As of air time, there was no response.

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