Gas leak near Notre Dame campus prompts evacuations

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Emergency crews responded to a gas leak near Notre Dame's campus Tuesday morning.

NIPSCO says a two inch gas line ruptured around 10 a.m. at Burdette and Vaness streets.

The surrounding area has been evacuated.

Three apartment complexes have been evacuated: Ivy Quad, Irish Flats and Irish Crossing.

Affected residents are asked to go to the Joyce Center on campus.

NIPSCO says the break may have been a result of construction work Burdette and Vaness streets.

Emergency officials were worried about the amount of gas leaking from the break. It could be smelled up to a mile away.

Firefighters and utility workers shut off the valve near the leak to stop the release of gas.

Nearby residents said the gas had a strong odor.

"You could compare it to rotten eggs. As soon as I walked out my back door, which is a little ways from here. It's not right at the site but you could smell it all the way from there.

NIPSCO says it could take up to a day to repair the line.

Evacuation area:

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