Gas prices up to over $4 a gallon

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Drivers waiting for the price of gas to go down will have to wait. The price of gas has jumped 30 cents since Sunday.

Locally, a gallon of gas is about $4.30. That's nearly 70 cents above the national average of $3.63 a gallon.

Local drivers say that the jump in prices is crazy.

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous at the moment," said Adam Chemiloiski.

As the price of gas rises, many are feeling the pinch in their pocket books.

"I work as a teacher's assistant, so i get about $8.00 an hour and it takes most just to get to and from class," said Curtis Vercruysse.

Some drivers say they are going to start carpooling or walking to where they need to go. Others say they have to suck it up, budget and search for the best deals.

"It's becoming another marketing thing where you need to find the best price that is going to fit your needs, and sometimes you need to get lower quality gas," said Keith O'Connor. "It is just comes down to what you can afford."

The average price of gas Indiana is $3.97 a gallon. The price is slightly higher in Michigan at $4.08.

The reason for higher prices? reports that a refinery problems in the Midwest are blame for the recent spike.

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