Gas shortages not expected in Michiana

NOW: Gas shortages not expected in Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Demand at the pumps surging after a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline last Friday. The security breach which has sent many to panic buy and led to shortages in the South and East Coast is not bringing concern to some Michiana residents.

“I think it’s a short lived thing because I’ve read sources that it’ll end by this week," said South Bend resident Shane Hinkle.

The pipeline which runs between Texas and New Jersey and comes as close as Kentucky has caused shortages at several gas stations leading some to even increase pricing due to the short supply ahead of Memorial Day travels, but according to Molly Hart from AAA, the pipeline was already getting segments back up Monday morning.

“They anticipate full speed or substantially recovered by the end of this week," said Hart, an AAA Spokesperson.

While the East Coast has been the hardest hit reporting a 32.5% increase in demand within the last week, according to GasBuddy. The shortage has some Michiana residents thinking this might be the time to trade in their vehicles and go electric.

“You can see the prices are going up now. For me, I use premium in my car and already it’s at $3.55 so I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I might have to get another car that runs strictly off of electricity," said South Bend resident William Jones.

Experts say they don’t expect any shortages here in Michiana and you should still go on your planned vacations.

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