“Giving Tree” in Edwardsburg providing clothes to those in need

NOW: “Giving Tree” in Edwardsburg providing clothes to those in need

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. – An Edwardsburg women set up a “Giving Tree” with clothes hanging from it, and she says everyone is invited to come by and pick something out!

You will be able to grab anything from shirts and pants to jackets and shoes at the Edwardsburg Presbyterian Church.

The women who set up the tree, Shawna Mondich, says that she saw something similar in Elkhart and felt that Edwardsburg needed a giving tree as well.

“I know that we are many miles away from Elkhart or Niles or places where there might be facilities for people to get help with warm weather wear or any kind of clothing so I thought we needed something here,” Mondich said.

“To help people out, you really see it first hand when you’re in a small community — you’re not separated out,” Scott Scheel said, a pastor at Edwardsburg Presbyterian Church. “You’re there together, you see it every day and you see the need there.”

Mondich says that over 700 clothing items have been given out and her church resupplies the giving tree once a week.

There are usually around 100 items of clothes hanging from the tree at all times.

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