Global manufacturing company expands in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A multi-million dollar warehouse is being built on the south side of South Bend and it seems to be the best kept secret in town.

Nello Corporated is expanding from their headquarters office and spending $50 million without a tax abatement to set up their steel fabrication facility.

Nello Corporated is a global brand and they’re bringing with them 524 jobs to South Bend.

The construction site is along a long and windy dirt trail off Sheridan Street. Driving by, you might miss it because it’s not visible from the street.

But along that road and through the trees, sits the 150,000 square foot distribution site.

“We’ll be doing a lot of moving and installation of equipment within the next three or four months,” says Robert Rumpler, Vice President of Operations for Nello Corporated.

At this site, they’ll be exporting steel components across the globe that make up wireless communication towers or wind turbines.

“South Bend is a safe bet. Manufacturing is here, things are made here,” says Chris Fielding with South Bend Community Investment.

Fielding says this is a great opportunity for economic development in South Bend.

“We have a local company making things here locally, shipping them globally. So, we’re attracting dollars from all around the world to right here in South Bend.”

Rumpler says he hopes to have the manufacturing sire fully operational by January.

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