Goosebumps concept film being shot in Niles

NILES, Mich.---A pair of independent filmmakers are shooting an R-rated Goosebumps concept movie at The Rage in Niles. Courtlan Gordon and Ryan Becker of Oddest of the Odd Production are hoping to get public support and funding to get their movie to the big screen.

"We decided to shot a short film to work up a pitch for a bigger anthology feature film that we’re gonna film later this year," said Gordon. 

Both Becker and Gordon found early success making YouTube videos and after three years of living in Los Angeles, the two decided to return home to film movies in Michigan. 

"We got to the point to where we realized where we didn’t need Hollywood anymore," said Gordon. We we were like 'We can do this on our own,' so we decided to come back to Michigan for a little bit."

Gordon and Becker say they plan to use social media buzz and crowed funding to get their movie greenlit instead of the traditional route of going directly to a major company. 

"We’re going to launch an Indigogo and we’re going to have a bunch of cool perks you can get in on and hopefully have the funds to shoot this anthology," said Becker.

The two plan to release the film at the end of June and are hoping this movie leads to Niles seeing even more projects filmed there. 

"You don’t need much," said Gordon. "You just need to know a few people, have some friends who are willing to pull long nights with you, and we just want to put Niles on the map for something new, something different."

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