Goshen artists and activist seeking donations for BLM murals

NOW: Goshen artists and activist seeking donations for BLM murals

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Activists proposed a mural in Goshen spelling out ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Washington and Main street.

City officials denied that proposal, but the phrase may pop up on murals in different places in Goshen as activists work with local businesses, and raise money to make it happen.

“We have three businesses that are all privately owned that reached out to us. This all was back in July. They saw what we were doing and said ‘we want to support, if you guys cant get the street, we can give you our sides of our buildings and you guys can do what you want with it.," said 4US activist, Abraham Medellin. 

They’re asking the community to help them raise $15,000 dollars through a GoFundMe campaign.

The funds raised will go towards paying the artists that are engineering the designs of the murals, as well as the supplies we will need for each mural. 

Medellin says two businesses, Go Dance Studions and Goshen Art House have already offered up their walls in support of their message so far.

"There are people who want change. There is stuff going on in smaller towns aside from Chicago, Oregon, Washington D.C., New York and all these other areas that we’re acknowledging and seeing them and we want to stand in solidarity with them. With 4US and these murals we can show other communities what they can do, and how they can come together and do their own things," said Medellin.

You can donate to their GoFundMe Campaign, here. 

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