Goshen athletics to auction off Redskins memorabilia

Goshen high school is completing one of the final steps in their mascot transition; getting rid of their Redskins gear to make room for the Red Hawks. And fans have a chance to take some memorabilia home.

Friday evening, the school is holding a silent auction. 

The school let us take a look at some of the items available. Fans have a chance to purchase old school warm ups, jerseys and pants. Gymnasium signs will also be available. And the big ticket items will be actual pieces of the old basketball floor. 

The transition from Red Skins to Red Hawks is more than a year in. And the athletic department says students are handling it well. They hope this will help fans pass the torch. 

"Community members come and root for the kids," said Larry Kissinger, athletic director at Goshen High School. "They don't root for a mascot. But those people that were Goshen Red Skins, I know it's still very emotional. And there are mixed feelings. So I'm sure it will be an emotional weekend."

The silent auction will take place during Friday's home men's basketball game. Items that aren't sold will be available online starting next week.

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