Goshen deals with storm damage and power outages

NOW: Goshen deals with storm damage and power outages

GOSHEN, Ind. --- Monday night's severe weather leaves thousands of homes in Michiana without power, and fallen trees blocking off streets and neighborhoods. In Goshen, the strong winds leave over 4,000 people without power on Tuesday.

“Obviously we understand that it is very hot out, so this outage in particular is a little bit more frustrating than others," says Tara McElmurry, Communications Manager at NIPSCO.

Many Goshen residents were feeling the heat Tuesday.

Monday night's severe weather and heavy winds left the city with damage, from fallen trees in neighborhoods and on roads.

“Two people down from my house had a really bad one right there and the fire department came and helped get it off," Phil Martin recalls, a Goshen Resident. “He didn’t have any damage at his house, it was all in the front yard, so he was very lucky.”

The fallen trees have also damaged power lines and poles across the city, leaving more than 4,000 residents without power. With Tuesday's heat, the outage leaves some residents concerned. As of Tuesday afternoon, NIPSCO says power should be restored by Wednesday night.

”For the Goshen area and surrounding communities where that damage is the highest, it might go into tomorrow, tomorrow midnight, so Wednesday night at midnight," says McElmurry.

“We need our electricity on because my wife has health issues, and it’s hard for her," Martin says.

With the extensive damage, NIPSCO is working around the clock to make sure power is restored quickly and efficiently. If you see their trucks driving around in your neighborhood, that is a good sign!

“If your power is out and you see crew kind of roaming or going past your house, rest assured that the damage is probably somewhere else and our crew is going to repair it in order to restore your power," McElmurry says.

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