Goshen farmer's market accepting EBT

 GOSHEN, Ind. -- "We view EBT customers as an underserved part of the market."

Lisa Glon values all types of business, so when folks started asking if her market took EBT last year, she found a way to make it happen.

"I've had people tell me that they haven't bought fruits and vegetables, because they're expensive," Glon said. "So it's just been a great thing for us to be able to help with."

In its second year of taking EBT, people are able to trade it in for market dollars.

From there, they can shop from a number of vendors, and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, even honey.

"We don't want them to feel like they can't shop here just because they're using their EBT," Glon said. "We want them to come and fell welcome and be a part of the crowd."

So far -- the response has been good, but she's hoping more people will take advantage of it.

"My hope is to grow it incremently every year. Most markets report it's not a huge part of their sales, it's maybe five percent of their overall stream. That's kind of what we're hoping. I'd kind of like us to be on par with other markets."

Right now -- about 50 food stamp recipients use the program. Glon said it's a win-win for them and vendors looking to expand their customer base.

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