Goshen hosts annual Fire and Ice Festival

NOW: Goshen hosts annual Fire and Ice Festival

Goshen hosted its annual Fire and Ice Festival as part of the downtown's First Friday.

“Downtown Goshen’s Fire and Ice Festival has been hugely successful. This is its 13th year and of all the First Fridays that we do, it’s one of the largest attractors of crowds in the area. It combines ice carving into beautiful sculptures,” said Gina Leichty, who produces the festival.

Greg Beachey is a professional ice sculptor who participated in Friday's event.

“It’s a lot of fun bringing the art to life. Since it is temporary, it’s important for folks to see the process. To see us actually create it," Beachey said. “The most unique thing about ice sculpture is you spend a lot of time planning, you spend a lot of time carving, and then it’s gone. So it’s a mediate kind of art.”

In addition to the ice sculptures, several downtown restaurants had fire-inspired specials.

“Our downtown restaurants many of them have special fiery food specials this evening. And then a number of bars also has some fiery beverage," Leichty said.

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