Goshen Housing Authority in debt to HUD for $700,000

GOSHEN, Ind. -- The Goshen Housing Authority got some much needed support from the community.

Local businesses, churches, even Goshen College stepped up to pay some of the Housing Authority's bills.

Right now, it owes HUD about $700,000!

On Tuesday, the city council will vote on whether to use taxpayer money to help!

"When I first heard about this, I was not in favor of it. It felt like another bailout to me. It didn't excite me. But during that first meeting as more information came out, I realized I needed more time to think about it. So I had requested the council to vote unanimously to give us more time to make the right decision,” said Jeremy Stusman, Goshen City Councilman At Large.

If the Housing Authority doesn't pay up, HUD will cut about 100 vouchers, leaving 100 Goshen families without a place to live!

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