Goshen Parks and Rec relocated, city still pending FEMA relief

NOW: Goshen Parks and Rec relocated, city still pending FEMA relief

GOSHEN, Ind.- Goshen’s Parks and Recreation Department is now without a permanent office and it’s just one of 288 building affected from February’s historic flooding.

The temporary new location is at the Rieth Interpretative Center on Plymouth Avenue.

Superintendent Tanya Heyde tells ABC57, the relocation will not slow them down. “They can come and visit us and quite a few have found their way here,” she says.

It’s actually just across the street from the closed location. “I’ve been here 13 years and have never experienced inside the building,” says Heyde.

Heyde adds with the exception of some early on cancellations nothing else has been jeopardized.

“Luckily it has not interfered with any of our programs or classes that we offer to the community.”

Heyde and Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman don’t know just yet, where the next location will be.

“We’re still waiting on some preliminary costs for damages,” says Heyde.

Mayor Stutsman says he’s not sure of how much renovations will cost, but adds the Department of Natural Resources will most likely not allow them to even rebuild at this location.

“If your building is in a flood plain and renovation costs are more than 50% of assessed value, often the DNR will say that you cannot rebuild.”

The numbers are still up in the air in terms of just how much federal funding Goshen will get. “We expect to hear something from FEMA hopefully within the next 3-6 weeks, but until then we’re kind of holding tight,” says Stutsman.

Since disaster counties have already been established, Mayor Stutsman says, government entities will receive FEMA relief. But he isn’t sure if the private sector will meet that threshold.

“We’re hopeful that we can find whatever we can to bring to our community to help rebuild.”

Heyde says about 36 inches of water covered this building where four full time employees worked along with a customer service area. Luckily, they did not have to cut any positions.

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