Goshen resident racking up fines for illegal yard signs

NOW: Goshen resident racking up fines for illegal yard signs

GOSHEN, Ind -- The city of Goshen has recently put their foot down on a local resident who is violating city zoning laws with her yard signs.

Goshen resident, Lori Arnold owes thousands of dollars in fines from being charged $2,500 per day until she removes her large and opinionated signs.

The signs started going up in 2020 during the primary and general elections and have since, gained the attention of drivers on the busy main street of Goshen.

However, the signs, are not coming down.

"I am still protesting. It’s my protest and it’s peaceful. It’s going to stay that way and it’s on my property." said Lori Arnold.

The resident who has gained the nickname, "the sign lady" has missed numerous court dates due to not wearing a masks, although she would like to attend them.

The signs bring lots of attention to a street that is already busy and neighbors have had their thoughts on what Arnold has recently started in her yard.

"Just the idea that she’s here to create a peaceful space is such a lie and I think she’s completely aware of that." said Corinne Roper.

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