Goshen warming center opens up amid cold weather conditions

NOW: Goshen warming center opens up amid cold weather conditions

GOSHEN, Ind.--- With wind chills expected to feel like zero degrees this week, people without a warm home may be affected.

Initially the Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network would open every day only on days that temperatures were below 20 degrees. The warming center determined this rule from the Weather Channel forecast for Goshen.

After learning of the wind chill and talking to people without a home, Goshen Executive Director Mindy Morehead, said they would open the warming center despite their temperature guideline.

“We took a lot of time in speaking with the individuals that are out there,” said Morehead. They said once it hits 20 degrees it becomes unbearable for them to get any sleep, or comfort whatsoever. So that’s why this was really important, because it’s more than they can take.”

Morehead updated ABC57 and said the center will be open through February from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., with the exception of keeping the center open every day in January despite their below 20 degree rule.  Goshen Interfaith will have frequent meetings to determine future openings, particularly one in March.

The warming centers address is 105 S. Third St. To learn more or make a donation of pillows and blankets people can call (574)-534-2300.  

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