Goshen women travel to see Pres. Obama's farewell address

From Goshen to Chicago. A blistering cold journey. But to be in attendance for President Barack Obama's executive exit, two Michiana ladies say it was worth it.

Gladys Rosas and Elyse Hooley waited in line for hours Saturday morning to get their tickets to the farewell address.

"It was an amazing experience coming down from South Bend," said Elyse Hooley. "Just seeing everybody on the train and just asking 'are you going to see Obama' and they were just talking about their experiences through his presidency."

For them, and many others in attendance, it was a bittersweet moment. But one they looked toward with appreciation, hope, and pride.

"As a person of color, to be able to have this experience is something I cannot come up with words to express that," said Gladys Rosas.

"The belief that anyone of anybody of any color or any background can do anything," said Hooley. 

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