Governor signs "Cupcake Bill" to save young girl's bakery

For one little girl in Illinois the joy she gets from selling her home made cupcakes is worth more to her than the dollars and cents.

But because she sold them out of her kitchen the County Health Department actually shut her down for operating without a business license.


So this week Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the "Cupcake Bill" into law in Chloe's home.


The law means home kitchen businesses that make less than $1,000 a month cannot be shut down except for health reasons.


"I'm happy that I'm going to be baking again and I'm happy that a lot of other home cooks can bake and sell out of homes without getting in trouble, like I did," says Chloe.


The governor said the bill opens the door to more small home-based businesses who can make a living with less red tape.

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