Granger family reacts after seeing abuse, neglect at South Bend nursing homes

South Bend, IN -- "He's got a lot of problems, and you send these people to be cared for in a facility that says they're going to care for your family member, and they're going to watch out for them, and make sure they have their medicine... and now it's like you can't trust anybody."

Kristina Beaver is emotional after seeing our report on the violations at Michiana nursing homes, she and her husband are looking for a place for her 69-year-old father-in-law.

"I'm scared," Beaver said.

Scared of the abuse and neglect that was discovered by the Indiana Department of Health and Human Services.

Until Thursday, the family was considering the Milton Home.

It was cited for sexual abuse and witholding medicine from a woman for 11 days in June.

Cardinal Nursing and Rehab Center in South Bend was cited for Mice feeces in the kitchen in September.

"It scares me, because when we take him there, now we're going to be wondering, 'Is he going to be O.K., is he going to be safe, is he going to get his medications that he needs?'" 

He's a diabetic and needs to have his medicine regularly; seeing that a patient didn't get her meds for 11 days makes the Beaver family sick.

"I didn't even call 'em," Beaver said. "Scratched 'em right off the list!"



--- If you, a friend or family member have been abused at a Michiana nursing home, ABC57's Daryl Bjoraas is doing an investigation. Please contact him via his cell: 574-440-4435 or by email - [email protected].



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