Granger mother and daughter make masks for the community

NOW: Granger mother and daughter make masks for the community


GRANGER, Ind.--- A Granger mother and daughter are making medical masks for first responders, essential workers, and police officers. Ruth Plank and Sherry Foster have made more than 1500 masks in two months.

The two made their first mask on March 20th for Plank's husband, who is an essential worker. "From that point, we did it and it wasn’t that professional by any means and then we started hearing from more and more people locally," said Plank.

Plank and Foster are working on a sewing machine that sat dormant for two years before finally being used for the first time in March. 

"I got it out and took a few minutes to learn how to thread it and use it and the rest is history," said Foster. "It was just sitting there waiting for a time like now."

Plank and Foster given all of their masks away free of charge. "It just makes me feel a little more positive in a time where it’s hard to find something to feel positive," said Plank.

Plank and Foster spent Mother's Day as they have every day since March 20th, by helping keep people safe through their masks

"I enjoy my family and I enjoy doing things with them," said Foster. "When Ruth came to me about the possibility of making some masks, I thought “Oh sure we can do that,” not knowing it would grow into this but we’ve enjoyed working together."

For more information on the masks, email Ruth at

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