Granger neighborhood hit with surprise property tax hike

GRANGER, Ind.--- People living in the Oakdale Meadows community in Granger are complaining that their property taxes have increased by 40 to 50%. Neighbors say they're having to pay anywhere from $900 to $1000 bills because of the increase.

"I got my bill on Saturday and was shocked to see it went up about 48%," said Guy Morrical, who lives in the neighborhood. "I got my bill and almost fainted."

Several neighbors did not wish to be interviewed by echoed Morrical's sentiments. Morrical says he wants to know why the bills have jumped this high.

"I could see it going up a little," said Morrical. "I’ve heard property values have increased so our taxes will increase but I don’t think by 48-50 percent is reasonable."

ABC57 has reached out to the St. Joseph County Assessor about the increases but have not received a response.

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