Greatest Chefs of Michiana 2012

Greatest Chefs of Michiana 2012 Teams



Celebrity Chef
Fiddler's Hearth Krista Fogelsong Tony Nafrady
Temper Grille Andrew Berlin Sean Kelley
  Papa Vino's Dan Fitzpatrick Harry Anderson
Corndance Tavern JV Peacock Nicholas Ruse
Indulgence Dr. Rob Riley Sean Wojtkowski
  Maury's Pat's Pub Paqui Kelly Maury Cocquyt
Café Navarre Ben Norris Kurt Janowsky
Parisi's Dr. Fred Ferlic Roberto Parisi
Sangria's Brett Banasiewicz Thomas Conley
Tippecanoe Place Michele Scherpenberg James Baxter
LaSalle Grill Dr. Jim Kelly Tom Sheridan
  Main Street Grille Dr. Bunmi Okanlami Matt Ewing




Each participating local restaurant will be offering the dish created by their own chef / celebrity team during the month of February. Visit our event website at for details on dates and times of availability.

You are invited to vote for your favorite dish or team -- $31 each vote -- as often as you wish at our event website:

Your votes will determind the GREATEST CHEF OF MICHIANA 2012. The team who raises the most money will take home the trophy!

We believe that lasting personal change and social change can only come about when we all work together.

That's why when you vote for the GREATEST CHEF OF MICHIANA 2012, you help move people in Michiana forward.

You can follow the latest information about the event on Facebook as well!

You can vote for whoever you like, of course, but Krista hopes you'll vote for her favorite: the Scotch Pie from Fiddler's Hearth!



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