Growers fight frosty temperatures to save crop

 Lehman's Orchards in Niles is home to peach, apple, pear and cherry trees.

For them to bear fruit is a delicate process, one that mother nature can sometimes freeze.

Steve Lecklider with  Lehmans Orchards is keeping a watchful eye on his trees, especially the sweet cherry trees.

Right now they are in full bloom, making them most at risk to freezing temps.

“Most of the buds of the sweet cherries will be susceptible to any temperature which is below probably twenty nine degrees Fahrenheit so they are at open blossom or very close to open blossom stages," said Lecklider.

Thursday nights temperatures will be dipping below the freezing mark, Lecklider is doing everything he can to save his crops.

“We have safened the process in our sweet cherries by using under the tree irrigation," said Lecklider.

This is done by manipulating the orchards temps.

“Pump water into our sweet cherry orchard through sprinkler systems and the 48 degree well water warms the floor of the sweet cherry orchard.”

He says if there are not anymore freezing temps, they should have a decent set of crops this year.
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