Gun bill to strengthen background checks

SOUTH BEND, Ind-- The fate of two nationwide bills that would strengthen background checks for potential gun owners is in the hands of the Senate. 

The bill passed Wednesday would increase the number of days a gun seller has to wait for background check results. 

Supporters feel that this bill will make the country safer but according to the owner of Femme Fatale a gun and sporting shop in South Bend, she says it will make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun. 

The democrat controlled US House of Representative's cheers after a win for gun control legislation increasing the background check delay time to purchase a gun in the US from 3 days to 10 days. 

South Bend gun shop owner, Rebecca Bartol says this will hurt those who follow the law and just want to purchase a gun. 

"The new legislation that is going through the House right now is saying after the 10 day period and the FBI has not gone through their paperwork giving you a proceed or deny and you're still in that delay limbo," said Bartol. "Then you have to petition the attorney general, the state or the government I'm not sure which." 

Bartol says this would unnecessarily delay a purchase for a law-abiding citizen.

When it comes to the legislation that passed the house Wednesday, it would require unlicensed sellers like private citizens to do background checks. 

Right now only licensed gun dealers are required to run checks, but Bartol believed none of those proposed changes will make a difference to criminals.

 "Criminals who don't care in general don't do background checks or don't come to a store. They can steal the guns they can acquire them illegally it's bigger than for law-abiding citizens," said Bartol. 

The bill heads to the Republican held Senate but it isn't expected to pass.

If it does the Trump administration has already hinted that the President would veto the measure.

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