Gunite Corporation closes Elkhart plant

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Gunite Corporation closed its doors for good on Friday. The move leaves hundreds without jobs before Christmas.

According to the parent company's website, Gunite's third quarter earnings were down nearly $14 million in revenue.

Employees knew about these plans for months. But many were not expecting a shutdown until next year.

"Everybody is worried because there's really no jobs that pay anything much above minimum wage," said Ray Bell, a forklift operator.

Another employee said the company is doing what many others before it had.

"It's a very profitable company for this community and it's leaving just like others before it," said Max Kline.

Gunite will move to Rockford, Ill.

The company reached agreements with employees that stayed through the closing.

Those employees are eligible for bonus pay if they meet certain criteria based on attendance, safety and quality of work.

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