Hail in Marshall County causes more damage


More trees and tree limbs are down in Plymouth after their third batch of severe weather in only two weeks. This time it was hail that did the most damage. Ice weighed down trees and nearly bent them in half and it tore branches and leaves to shreds.

“I’m 49-years-old and I’ve never seen hail like that,” Head said.
Plymouth resident Larry Weil said he thought the hail was going to destroy his property it was coming down so hard.
“Bent my cottonwood trees clear over. I thought I was going to lose them all,” Weil said.
Ice in July seems odd. But, last night's hail storm left yards, trees and homes covered. Annette Weil lives next door to Larry, her father-in-law, and she said wasn't home for the storm but her friends and family called her to tell the extent of the damage.
“Talked to a friend today, and she said her glass sliding door was iced for almost an hour. Solid ice,” Annette said.
The golf-ball-sized hail rained down hard.
“I don’t know quite how to explain it but it just rained down hard and the hail it bounced, it bounced up probably three feet at least,” Head said.
The ice on the hot pavement left it steaming after the storm.
“Turned off of 31 and come on six, just leaves covering US 6 and steam coming up off of the road from the hail and you could literally see the hail laying in the grass,” Annette said.
Thankfully, no cars or homes were severely damaged.
“Fully expecting the car outside to be damaged and the siding to be damaged and the roof, but we came out this morning and we didn’t find anything,” Head said.
Although neighbors said they are frustrated with the hand Mother Nature has dealt them, Head said she's "very lucky" that there was no damage to her property or car.

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