Hands-free law could be coming to South Bend

South Bend Common Council Member Henry Davis Jr wants the city of South Bend to pass a law that would force drivers to use only hands-free devices.

Davis, Jr. says he wants to expand the current bill from just school zones to the entire city.

Students at “Drive Rite” driving school say they agree with the bill because they've had too many friends get into too many accidents because of distracted driving.

“I have a couple friends who have been in accidents because someone behind them was texting and driving,” says John Miller, a senior at Penn High School.

“A couple of my friends recently got into an accident from texting,” says Brooke Torma, a Junior at St. Joe High School.

“There are a lot of deaths that can be prevented,” says Davis Jr.

Davis, Jr. says public safety is the reason he proposed this new bill that will make hands-free phone use while driving mandatory in South Bend.

“We want to make sure that we're introducing something that provides more safety for all the residents in South Bend,” says Davis Jr. “Something that will allow them to continue to talk but drive with two hands.”

Two hands that could help save one life.

“I don't want to be another statistic,” says Miller.

Captain Phil Trent with South Bend Police says, “Any ordinance that addresses the issue of distracted driving is welcome. The only problem for law enforcement is how difficult it is for us to enforce. However if this makes even a percentage of motorists drive hands-free then it is a win."

The South Bend Common Council will have their second reading of this bill and possibly a vote at their next meeting.
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