Happy Hour deals start Monday across Indiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- This is the last happy hour free weekend in the Hoosier State.

After 4 decades, a ban on discounted drink times in Indiana, lifts Monday.

Local spots are taking it as a reason to celebrate.

The ban has been in place since 1985, as a way to combat drinking and driving. There will be restrictions in place, like not allowing happy hours between 9 p.m. and 3a.m. and not exceeding 15 hours a week.

Since then, businesses have been able to discount beverages for a whole day, just not specific time period.

Starting Monday, the bargained booze prices and carry out drinks will be legal all around the state.

L Street Kitchen, who just received their river front liquor license in March, just in time to get in on the fun.

“You get off work at 4:30-5 o clock you want to go somewhere and kick back for an hour and relax… have a drink, and it gets tough when you’re trying to do it and the drinks are 8-10 dollars. So, it’s nice to discount them and give a guy a chance to unwind before he gets home,” said owner Mike LaCarruba.

L Street Kitchen recently expanded their business to be open for dinner too!

The Exchange says they are also entering their “Happy Hour Era.”

“This is a perfect spot to stop by after work so that we’re looking forward to having people come in,” said Teo Reimbold-Thomas, a server.

Other establishments across South Bend are planning deals starting next week as well.

Including Bar Louie, who will hold a party to celebrate the end of the 40-year ban.

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