Hardware store benefits from snowfall

With frigid Michiana weather places like “Do it Best” hardware in Berrien Springs is staying busy.

The snow on the ground is bringing in customers.

Folks who are in the market for winter items like gloves, snow shovels and salt are spending.

"We have invested more heavily in salt this year. Last year there was a shortage so we decided to go a little heavier this year," said Rick Camacho, manager of Do it Best.

Do it Best has stocked up on all types of salt, and it is paying off.

They have been selling salt by the pallet, even salt that is pet friendly.

"Pets are a very important part of a lot of peoples lives, and so they are taking the time to take care of them, and the salt industry is recognizing that and has actually come out with a better quality of salt," said Camacho.

Camacho believes you truly get what you pay for, and he has seen an increase in higher priced items. 

He says people are willing to pay a little more because they know the product is of higher quality.

Do it Best is selling pipe warming wraps as well, perfect for one of their frequent customers, Jack Davis who manages an RV park in Berrien Springs.

He says when temperatures start to fall he gets busy because water lines tend to freeze.

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