Hardware stores prepare for snowy weekend

NOW: Hardware stores prepare for snowy weekend



With a snowy weekend just around the corner, hardware stores and shoppers alike are making sure to prepare for the winter blast.

Kabelin Ace Hardware store in South Bend has been prepping for snow over the last month. Snow blowers, ice scrapers, shovels and even hats and gloves are just a few of the items available.

“We brought in all of our safe salt and our regular salt,” said Assistant Store Manager Tammy Backus.

Salt, she says,  is one of the big items people have come in to buy over the last few days. The store generally sees an increase in sales as winter approaches, but Backus says they especially saw more customers with the first snow Thursday.

“Within the past week we’ve noticed a lot of people come in,” said Backus. “Just yesterday we noticed an abundace of people come in for salt.”

The store stocks regular and safe salt. Safe salt is pet friendly and will not hurt animal’s paws.

Backus says some other popular items are safety markers and even generators.

But those big items can be difficult to manage. Backus says they provide delivery service on those items.

"Basically if a customer doesn't have room to fit the snow blower in their vehicle, we can deliver out to them,” she said. “Also we'll load up your salt for you. We're happy to help. We're here for all of your winter needs."

There are seven Kabelin Ace Hardware stores across Michiana offering the same items. Those include locations in La Porte, Granger, Michigan City, Walkerton and South Bend.

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