Harvey rain reports would be enough to fill Notre Dame stadium over 1000 times

HOUSTON, Tex - Cedar Bayou near Houston set a new a tropical rainfall record of 51.88"

The Houston area alone has seen between 30 and 50 inches of rain

Fifty inches of rain is a lot of water, it's so much it's hard to even visualize. Fifty inches of rain on an acre of land is over one-million gallons of water. Multiply that by over one-million acres that make up Houston's Harris county, that's 1.54 trillion with a 't' gallons of water
That much water could fill Notre Dame stadium roughly 1300 times. 


We calculated for both 30 and 50 inches of rainfall. 

1 inch rain x 1 acre = 27,154 gallons

Volume of Notre Dame Stadium is roughly 1.17 billion gallons.  

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