'Heads up driving' what it is and why it matters

NOW: ’Heads up driving’ what it is and why it matters


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “Heads up driving is exactly that, it is lifting your gaze and looking down the road,” says Indiana State Police, Sgt. Ted Bohner. “Typically, we focus on what is right in front of us, but if you lift up your gaze and look a quarter mile down the road, you can really see what is happening.”

In 2020, statewide, July 1st through 5th saw a total of 2,345 crashes where 424 involved injuries and 12 were fatal, resulting in 13 deaths.

These frightening numbers come at a time when many are traveling and celebrating over the holiday weekend. This year, Indiana State Police Sergeant Ted Bohner explains the importance of defensive driving. ‘Heads up driving’ is a technique taught to officers in the ISP academy.

The concept emphasizes lifting your gaze and focusing on all surroundings. Be aware of oncoming traffic even when crossing intersections and take note of any break lights up ahead.

Whenever stopped at a traffic light or construction, always stay attentive and leave space between you and the car in front of you. This tip is especially important as INDOT has a record number of projects this summer. Of course, above all, wear a seatbelt.

These simple tips could be what keeps an exciting weekend away…from turning into a tragedy.

“So many of us take driving for granted, since we drive thousands of miles a year, it is second nature but within that privilege of driving comes responsibility as well,” says Sgt. Bohner.

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