Here comes the sun

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Sunshine just makes you want to get outside and dance. After what seemed like a never-ending Michiana winter, the sun's warmth may cause serious side effects: mostly skipping and frolicking and giggling.

"All I want to do is get coffee and run through the astroturf and do some skipping," said Jenny Armentrout, professor at St. Marys College. "You know I wanted to hold hands and run around."

This past month was the sixth snowiest February since the 1800s. Understandly people are ready for the change.

"I hate it for a lot of reasons. It's the shortest month for a reason," said Armentrout.

Two sisters from Niles enjoyed a day in downtown South Bend before heading to Chicago for the weekend. They say the recent lack of sunshine deeply affects their moods.

"When it's like snowy and gloomy out you really don't want to leave the house. But when it's sunny out you want to go out and do things," said Cynthia Leach, Niles resident.

"Depressed, sad and I just slept all day," said Jennifer Leach, Niles resident.

Even four-year-olds are fed up.

"The rain...and we can't go outside," said Anastasia Kopczynski.

But spring always comes and makes the wait worthwhile. One man says he has 87 years of proof that it's the best season of all.

"Walk in the sunlight here at Beauter park, enjoy watching the young mothers with their little children and people with their dogs," said Pat Richards, South Bend resident.

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