High speed Goshen police chase led by 8-year-old boy

NOW: High speed Goshen police chase led by 8-year-old boy


GOSHEN, Ind. --- New details on a story ABC57 News reported Wednesday, about an eight-year-old boy behind the wheel of an SUV, trailed by Goshen police. 

"They're surrounding him and yelling at the car. The next thing we know we see a kid coming out," recalls Roberto Carreon. "We're just waiting and waiting for someone else to come out, like an adult, but it was just him driving."

Carreon, his fiancee, and step-kids still can't believe what happened on their street Tuesday night. 

"It looked like a kid. About my age," says Carreon's step-son, Noah Zimmerman. 

An eight-year-old boy from New Paris lead Goshen police on a chase through the streets of downtown Goshen. 

He didn't stop for the police. 

Witnesses say the boy crashed through construction barricades and torn-up pavement, ending on the other side of the construction zone.

Surveillance video from an ice cream shop on North Main Street, shows police searching the SUV, which was pulled up on a curb.

Carreon says the boy should be thankful that police stopped him, before someone got hurt. 

"What happened if he would have killed somebody, or something like that?" asks Carreon. "There are a lot of pedestrians walking around, you know."

He says he should have to face some consequences.

"They know a little bit about right and wrong, at least to a point," adds Carreon.

Zimmerman agrees.

"I think he should be grounded until next year," he says. 

The boy is back with his parents.

According to police, he is facing charges for resisting arrest with a vehicle and operating a vehicle without a license. 

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