High water levels in Lake of the Woods cause flooding in Bremen

 BREMEN, Ind. -- Almost a week after a major wind and rainstorm hit Michiana and some places are still struggling with flooding issues.  Water levels in the Lake of the Woods in Bremen are higher than they have been in years.
Along some parts of the lake, piers that are suppose to lead to dry land, just  lead to more water.  "I've been here 23 years and I've never seen it like this." said Bremen homeowner, Mike Wood.
After last year’s drought, neighbors agree that the rain is needed. But they say something has to be done to stop the excessive flooding. "Last year it was so low that we couldn’t get the boats out.  This year, you can see where the lake and the flooding actually level each other out now." explained Bremen resident, Manuel Escareno Jr.
Homeowners say the answer lies in the dam. They say they asked the DNR to  open the dam so that more water will empty out of the lake rather than running over onto land. But the DNR tells them that the water level is not high enough for it to be a problem.
Two days after the storm, water from the lake still covered parts of west shore drive. When the water levels get high, some worry that it is only a matter of time before piers start floating away and before someone gets hurt. 

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