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High winds send one of Plymouth's largest trees crashing to the ground

 PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- Friday afternoon's storm blew right through Plymouth. Several large trees came crashing to the ground after high winds and a heavy downpour suddenly hit the small town.

 Lisa Bernero and her son Cody were outside on their porch when they saw the storm developing in the distance. "It was very black and the the sky had a funny color to, it like you see with tornadoes. So, I was pretty nervous," said Bernero.

 Strong winds moved in and then came the heavy rain, but it only lasted about 20 minutes. Yet, the damage was great. Debris and branches scattered the road and several large trees cracked under the fast-moving winds. One fallen tree, which sits just off Hawthorne Road, is one of the oldest and largest trees in Plymouth.

Neighbors says the 250 year old tree stood over a 100 feet tall and was almost eight feet in diameter. Luckily neighbors, the tree narrowly missed falling on a nearby shed. Just down the street, others were not so lucky. One home lost power after another large tree fell down on the power line leading to the house.

Among the debris, a nearby swing set sat knocked on its side -- serving as a reminder of the storms powerful winds. Still, it was what happen next that left Bernero in disbelief. 

"The next thing i knew, i heard cracking and I looked down there and saw a tree had fallen on my dog," said Bernero.


Bernero and her son rushed over to their shepherd mix, Toby, to see if he was OK. To their surprise, Toby did not have a scratch on him. Bernero said she is just glad no one was hurt during the storm as it moved swiftly through the area. 

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